Ô Panda restaurants


When we have been contacted by the famous Asian restaurant chain Ô Panda, the initial idea proposed was to transfer the concept of all-you-can-eat sushi and wok by also offering a dedicated play area and allowing younger gourmets to enjoy an all-you-can-play concept!

We also had to adapt to the dedicated space in order to maximize play, preserving and optimizing the precious seating places.

The visual identity, the graphic charter and the friendly mascot had to be sublimated through the graphics and colors of the play structure.

Then, our teams created spaces, elements and components that complement each other and allow children to flourish through role plays, fine motor games, reflection and social interactions, not to mention physical challenges! We have alternated materials and activities in order to meet all playful expectations, such as climbing or sliding down thanks to an impressive slide.

Kompan Commercial Systems teams took care of every step, every phase, from design to installation, including manufacturing. Once the installation was completed, we made sure the play equipment met all applicable standards through rigorous control.

We are happy to count Ô Panda restaurants among our references, thank you to them for placing their trust in us to the delight of the youngest gourmets!