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Specialist for more than 30 years and leader on the market of indoor and outdoor contained playground equipment.


About Kompan Commercial Systems

Kompan Commercial Systems designs, produces and installs almost 500 playlands every year all over the world. The Head Office is based in Seraing, Belgium and our multilingual team operates on an international level.

The adventure of Kompan Commercial Systems started in 1990 and still continues growing whilst preserving its particularities and enriching itself with all the expertise from the Kompan Group all in order to ensure a mission:
Make your project into play a fun and a profitable investment!

Our values

  • Quality
  • Adaptability
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Entrepeneurship

Play institute

At Kompan Commercial Systems our first objective is to ensure to you that your investment in play facilities will be profitable!

We are aware that the users of Kompan play-equipment are larger in number than any other play structure thanks to research and experience with Kompan Play Institute.

The attractiveness of our playstructure makes them coming back again and again. What we design, we design with and for our users. Surprise, attachment and developpement: three major factors that characterize any Kompan solution and that will light up the faces of future generations. The game is an open door towards the future.

Ô Panda restaurants

We are happy to count Ô Panda restaurants among our references, thank you to them for placing their trust in us to the delight of the youngest gourmets!

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