Increasing attractiveness with a module


Another great collaboration is coming to an end. We recently installed a module in a restaurant in Amman, Jordan.

We were contacted by the owner with a specific request. He wanted an indoor play area that had to be integrated into the restaurant with the specificity of being completely visible from the outside. His main objective was to add value to the restaurant by generating more traffic through the windows facing the street and highlighting the module.

The complexity was to work in a room with a unique footprint. It was much narrower on one side, two huge windows faced the street, and the ceiling was 7 meters high.

Given this challenge, our team sought to optimize the surface area while creating a clever module shape. In order to maximize the volume of space and meet the safety requirements of creating an indoor play area, a hexagonal tower was constructed. It was divided into several platforms including climbing activities and a huge spiral slide. Naturally, the entire structure of the module was placed in such a way that it is fully observable from the façade of the building. This creates a real point of attraction and arouses the curiosity of passers-by and children alike.

KOMPAN Commercial Systems is proud to have been able to contribute to this beautiful project and thanks all the people involved in this adventure for the trust that was placed in us, and the work done.