McDonald’s Worldwide Convention 2022


From April 4 to 8, 2022, the latest edition of the McDonald's Worldwide Convention was held. It was a great pleasure for some of our sales staff and our installation specialist to go to Orlando, Florida to participate in this incredible event. On the menu were interesting meetings, numerous discussions, the exhibition of the McDonald's "Play of the Future" concept and exciting activities for the little gourmets.

What a pleasure to be able to meet everyone in person during this great convention after this particular period. Honoré, Jean-François, and Alexandre were pleasantly surprised by the large number of participants this year. They had the opportunity to exchange with their usual contacts from McDonald's as well as meet new people from all over the world in pleasant conditions. The main thing they remember is the appreciation they received for being in Orlando.

In fact, our colleagues thought that we were lucky with the positioning of the booth during this edition. Thanks to the help and kindness of the McDonald's organizers in the USA as well as the attractiveness of our booth, we were placed in a great location. This made it easier for visitors to drop by to say hello and talk about their fun projects. Since many children were present at the convention, it was also simpler to welcome them to our booth and let them play with our playground. We can say that McDonald’s concept, the "Play Of The Future", won the hearts of the end users, i.e., the children. To see them having fun and enjoying it is for our company the biggest accomplishment of this convention. It shows the success of our game and the attractiveness that it provides.

The members of KOMPAN Commercial Systems were happy to display the products. Because this is how the franchisees can really see what the module looks like. They can touch it, ask questions, and test it directly. It's a completely different experience for them than when they learn about the products through a catalog, website, or design.

With this global convention, McDonald's has once again succeeded in demonstrating the power of its business. Thanks in part to the positive vibe that pervades every person present in Florida. This magical event has the ability to produce a communion between everyone working with or for McDonald's. Each party has its place and is included.

The highlight of the convention was the fact that our KOMPANions had the chance to chat with the iconic Ronald McDonald himself! Yes, Ronald stopped by booth number 717 and uncovered a few secrets about play value. What memorable souvenirs engraved in the memory of our commercial friends... They are already looking forward to the next edition.