New KIDS concept


Recently, KOMPAN Commercial Systems launched its newest concept! The shopping center Les Sentiers in Claye Souilly, France, is the first customer to be able to integrate this playground into its environment. Our customers didn't have any specific wishes. They had a certain budget and wanted a small play area, so we proposed this concept to them.

  1. What was the idea behind this new line of games?

    After a few brainstorming sessions, our designers came up with the idea of a children's playground built in the form of a cube. The inspiration used by our creators was the small wooden blocks with the letters of the alphabet that are given to the little ones.

  2. What are the different characteristics of the cubes?

  • In each cube there is only one activity that the children can play with.

  • The height varies between 1m90 and 2m50 and the width between 2m10 and 4m70. This allows the cubes to be placed in a small space.

  • They are made of transparent panels. This does not obstruct the visibility of shop windows and parents can have a perfect view of their child while he is playing.

  • Since the cube is an enclosed space, the play area is a safe space.

  • Each play area can be assembled with the number of cubes of your choice and the activities you select.

  • We can also personalize your cube with the color of your choice and the lettering you prefer.

  • The entrances and exits can also be customized to create a pathway between the different cubes if needed.

Are you interested in our new range of playgrounds? Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form and we will choose together the most adapted play solution for your environment. Let's Play!