Benefits of having a playground in your business


Playgrounds are places where children go to have fun while developing their 5 senses, creativity, and imagination. This environment forces them to get out of their trusted zone and socialize with children they don't know. This allows them to broaden their language and deepen their communication. It has been shown that playing is extremely important for the overall development of children.

You're probably thinking, « This is interesting, but what are the benefits to my business? » :

  • Return on investment

    If your business has a play area where your customers' children can play safely, it will allow parents to focus on their purchases. The family will therefore stay longer on site. It is proven that the time spent in a commercial site remains positively correlated with the average spending basket. More consumption will lead to an increase in your company's turnover. Moreover, children often remember the places where they had fun and remain influencers for future family outings. Your investment will quickly turn into profit.

    If the originality of the design and the theme personalized to your environment of the module are intriguing, the curious children will push their parents to make the detour to discover and enjoy your place. From then on, there will be an increase in the total number of visitors thanks to the visibility and attractiveness that the playground will bring.

  • Positive impact on your brand image

    With a children's area, you show that every member of the family is important to your company. This way, you prove to your future customers that they are welcome in your environment. You also relieve them of the fear they have of disturbing other consumers.

    No matter what business you're in, by placing playgrounds you're encouraging your youngest visitors to engage in an activity while keeping them busy. This is imperative because playing burns a lot of calories, which reduces the risk of obesity in children.

    If you invest in KOMPAN Commercial Systems products, you will ensure safety in your business. Children will be able to enjoy the playground without any danger. All our modules are TÜV certified, offer the best guarantees on the market and comply with all applicable standards in your country.

  • Competitive advantage

    As a result of the above arguments, if you have a children's space and your competitors do not, families will prefer your business. This will give you a considerable advantage. By choosing KOMPAN, you can be sure that you will be at the forefront of innovation because our company is constantly looking to improve our products.

    Having a play area within your business also ensures that the « wow effect » is added to the overall atmosphere that already exists. This action means that every customer that walks through the door of your building will be pleasantly surprised and in awe of the facility. The differentiation you will have compared to your competition will be to offer a memorable experience to your customers (whether they are big or small).

    Finally, the purpose of adding a play area is to create loyalty. If the environment is pleasant and family members feel comfortable, they will come back. And they will probably recommend you to their friends and family.

So don't hesitate to get started, contact us and let's play!